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We partner with our clients to grow revenues, increase profits, drive key efficiencies, and build strong, accountable teams.  Our clients know they are capable of dramatically improving the performance of their firms and they realize they need an external partner to help them get there. While our clients are primarily Law Firms and Senior-level Professionals, we have found our tools, process and solutions work with a variety of client-types across industries. 

We offer a number of options to choose from, based on suitability, affordability and level of time commitment. 

1. Coaching - individual and group sessions, either weekly or bi-monthly

2. Training - virtual and in-person, ranging in duration from a single 90-minute workshop, to a 12-week program

3. Facilitation - in-person only - monthly, quarterly or ad hoc.

In order to know which option might suit your specific needs, the next step simply is to setting up an exploratory conversation.

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"Business Success / Failure Assessment Ebook" by Brian Tracy

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Headquartered in Boston, MA, we deliver our business advisory services to professionals across the US, both in-person and virtually.

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