Small Law Firms

Small Law Firms make up the majority of our client base.  We work with them in person and virtually and they typically fall into the following categories:

I. Firms Starting Out

The pandemic has caused professionals from all walks of life to reconsider what they want from their work.  Many lawyers, particularly those at large firms, are looking for greater independence to practice their craft on their own terms.  They are choosing to leave the comfort of a large law firm and start their own firms, either as solos or by partnering with like-minded business partners with complementary practice areas.  

The challenge for these highly-skilled talented lawyers is that they typically have little to no training on the skills needed to build, manage and lead a successful law practice.  That's where we come in.  We help our clients close that gap.  We teach the skills they need as business owners and we partner with them on the execution so they get their firms up and running faster and with greater success than they would simply trying to figure it out by themselves.

II. Established Firms

Even for tried and tested law firms, there comes a time when the firm begins to stagnate.  If you are a partner or managing partner and you wonder if your firm fits into this category, your firm financials will tell you all you need to know.  Things like losing clients, under-charging for services and losing key talent all impact the top and bottom-line results. 

Our ideal clients are law firms that want to grow and are willing to take the actions needed.  We help them to define what the next level of success looks like for their particular firm.  We work with them to create a plan and then we hold them accountable for the execution of the plan.  

Our time-tested process, tools and experience give our clients the confidence and discipline they need to get their desired results.   

III. Firms Thinking About Exit / Succession

For law firm partners / owners, it's not a question of "if" you will exit your business, but rather, a matter of "when" and "how".  Not unlike estate planning, we know that we should be planning for transitions in our business, but for many, it can feel like an uncomfortable topic and one that is best avoided!

We help our clients think through and plan out their transition, not only in monetary terms but also with regard to the impact on their clients, colleagues, staff, and themselves.  

How do I find out more?

It's very straightforward. We have an initial 20-minute phone conversation to understand what it is you are looking to accomplish and whether we can be of help. If it's not a fit, we will do our very best to connect you to someone in our network who may be able to help.  

After our initial conversation, if we both agree it makes sense, we will schedule a 60-minute Zoom call to talk in more depth and discuss options based on your specific needs, budget, and timeline.

At the end of that call, you simply decide if you would like to move forward.

Where is your firm on its journey?

  • We help our clients:
  • determine where they are currently versus where they would like to be
  • identify why they aren't already there
  • develop a plan to get them there
  • hold them accountable for their actions

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