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Dominic Grew is the Founder & Owner of Elevate Business Coaching. He founded the firm in 2019 when he saw a need in the marketplace that was not being met. As a former COO and industry outsider, he recognized that lawyers often receive little to no training on how to build, manage, and grow a law firm, yet their professional success is often dependent on mastering those skills. He asked, "How can I help these talented professionals develop the skills necessary to be successful business owners and firm leaders?" The answer was to customize coaching, training, and facilitation services to lawyers (and other highly-skilled professionals) and have them delivered by a team of seasoned, battle-tested business experts.

Prior to launching Elevate Business Coaching, Dominic held a variety of Business Management and Growth roles internationally. He holds a Masters in Management from Cambridge College, MA.

Kristin CarlsonKristin Carlson is a Certified FocalPoint & Executive Coach. She is passionate about strengthening leadership skills and building strong, resilient teams through both training and coaching. As an Authorized Partner for EverythingDiSC and The Five Behaviors, Kristin is able to bring our clients a suite of coaching & training programs to meet their needs. Prior to launching her own company, Kristin spent much of her career at Wells Fargo where, as a Senior Technical Leader, she was actively involved in M&A and business transformation. Kristin is a graduate of St. Cloud State University of Minnesota. 

Lisa LevesqueLisa Levesque is a Certified FocalPoint Business & Executive Coach. Her passion lies in helping business leaders to reach their full potential through improved leadership skills and developing strong organizational cultures. With over 30 years of experience, she has a proven track record of success in coaching and mentoring professionals. Lisa is a graduate of Boston College, where she earned a degree in Accounting, and of Babson College, where she earned an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. 

Julieanne DujardinJulianne Dujardin is a licensed Occupational Therapist.  With more than 25 years of clinical experience in mental health, she is passionate in helping her clients build higher self-esteem, better manage stress and develop healthy lifestyle habits.  Julianne earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island and her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University.  

Monique GrewMonique Grew is our Operations and Marketing Analyst.  She is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies at Elon University in North Carolina.

Dominic Grew

Listen to this Podcast to learn more about Elevate Business Coaching and how we help our clients. 

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Headquartered in Boston, MA, we deliver our business advisory services to professionals across the US, both in-person and virtually.   

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