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About Elevate Business Coaching 

Who? - We work primarily with the owners and leadership of Professional Service Firms - Lawyers, CPAs and Investment Advisors. 

What we do - We partner so our clients can grow revenues, increase profits, drive key efficiencies, and build strong, accountable teams.  

Where? - We are based in the "Hub" of Boston, Massachusetts and cater to the needs of our clients throughout the U.S.

Why?- Quite frankly, who wants to work in a stagnant and mediocre organization?  Our clients don't.  They know they are capable of dramatically improving the performance of their business and they realize they need an external partner to help them get there. 

How do we do it? - We have 3 tools we use:

1. Coaching

2. Training

3. Facilitation


We know the challenges with growing and managing businesses because we have experienced them oursleves.  Our team comprises seasoned industry professionals with 25+years of managerial/executive experience growing and developing businesses.  Our teams have been trained and certified in how to help organizations and their people overcome challenges and get results.  Our experience, perspective is complemented by tried and tested tools, processes and collateral that makes us formidable partner for our clients. 

Finally, we know every business and firm has its own unique history, circumstances and culture and so we spend a lot of time figuring out what the right solution is going to be.  We meet our clients  where they are, based on their specific need.  We are not a "one size fits all firm".  


Dominic Grew

Do you want better results from your time, your team, and your energy?

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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Dominic delivers his business advisory services to professionals across the US, both in-person and virtually.


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